All Denver Nuggets fans are used to the national media underestimating the capabilities of our team. This postseason is no different. Charles Barkley, famous for his hot (and sometimes questionable) takes, has not held back when it comes to his predictions in this series. Before their Round 2 series against the Los Angeles Clippers even started, Barkley predicted that the Nuggets would get swept, and was proven wrong in Game 2.

Before game 5, Barkley once again had no problem guaranteeing a Clippers win, stating that the Nuggets would get eliminated Friday night.

Of course, we know how that turned out. To Barkley’s credit, it sure looked like his prediction was going to come true for most of the game, as the Nuggets fell behind by double digits early and stayed behind through most of the game. The Nuggets, however, once again proved their resiliency by putting together an incredible second half comeback, led by Paul Millsap (17 points, 5 rebounds, one scuffle with Marcus Morris), Jamal Murray (26 points, 7 assists, and 8 rebounds) and Nikola Jokic (22 points, 4 assists, and 14 rebounds). After an incredible three point shot by Michael Porter Jr. to extend the Nuggets’ lead to 5 with a little over one minute remaining, and then an equally impressive block on the other end, the Nuggets somehow walked away with a win to keep their season alive.

After the game, Michael Malone was asked about Barkley’s statements at halftime in which he proclaimed that the Nuggets were going to be exiting the bubble after another loss. Check out his response below:

By this point, I think we can all agree that the Nuggets play their best basketball when it’s do-or-die. Let’s just hope this momentum carries over into Game 6, and allows the Nuggets to extend the series even further.