Last week’s Tweet of the Week displayed a boisterous and confident Jamal Murray as he tweeted out his pleasure that his Kentucky Wildcats had defeated Stephen Curry’s Davidson Wildcats in the NCAA tournament. This week, it was teammate vs. teammate as Tyler Lydon’s Syracuse Orange took on Gary Harris’ Michigan State Spartans. The result was an upset in the form of a 55-53 game. Lydon did not waste much time in taking to twitter to share a hilarious meme that represented the mood he was in following the game – and of course he made sure to mention his teammate in the tweet.

That one had to hurt for Gary. As if he didn’t have enough on his plate while he attempts to recover from his knee injury in time to help the Denver Nuggets make a playoff push, now he has to recover from a heartbreak as well. I’m sure every Nuggets fan knows what heartbreak is and how long it can take to heal. Let’s hope Harris can get back in time to at least prevent thousands of heartbreaks of diehard Nuggets fans that hope this season ends differently than last season.