I love stories like these. On Wednesday, Malik Beasley tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook “On This Day” memory. In the Facebook post, written on October 25, 2014, his mom shares a picture of herself with NBA all-star Paul Millsap at The Skill Factory’s All Star Game that her son participated in. Beasley shared this Facebook memory on the day of his first NBA game and added a caption of his own. Apparently, it was on this day that Millsap told Beasley he had a chance to make it to the league.

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Two years later, and Beasley made Millsap's prediction come true. I love stories of NBA players that met other NBA players before they made it to the league. It's proof that if you work hard enough and really dedicate yourself to your craft, you can end up competing against your heroes. It's also weird that these NBA players meet so many young aspiring athletes, most of them with the hope of one day making it to the league, and some of them actually do. I'm sure this moment was a defining one for Beasley, as he got to show off his skills in front of NBA stars and earn the praise and support of one in particular. Now that Beasley's officially in the league, it's probably a very cool moment to look back on. Props to him and the other rookies this season for making their dreams come true.