The 2018-19 NBA regular season is officially in the books, and Denver Nuggets fans are way happier than they were at this time last season. After one of the best regular seasons in franchise history, the Nuggets finally, after a six-year drought, earned a ticket to the postseason. This was the result of a strenuous season in which the Nuggets fought through injuries and some growing pains along the way. Despite all of that, they were still able to achieve 54 wins, which is quite the accomplishment and far above what most analysts and experts predicted for the young squad.

While the Nuggets’ exceeded most expectations, some within the organization knew all along that 54 wins was entirely within the realm of possibility. On Media Day prior to this season, the Nuggets had Malik Beasley write down the number of wins that he predicted the team would achieve. Let’s just say we should all hope that Beasley also predicts that the Nuggets will get 16 wins in the postseason.

I honestly don’t know which is more impressive – the fact that Beasley was able to guess exactly the number of wins the team would achieve, or the fact that the Nuggets were able to make his bold prediction come true despite the myriad of injuries they faced throughout the season.

The Nuggets have defied expectations all season so far, and hopefully this continues into the playoffs so that fans can remember what it’s like to advance past the first round.

I predict, no matter what the outcome, that it will be quite the treat!