In a retweeted post, Malik Beasley showed his followers that he has big goals for the Denver Nuggets this season. Amico Hoop’s Ben Stinar tweeted a picture of Beasley’s locker, and Beasley made sure that his followers got a glimpse of the picture of the NBA playoffs logo as well as a picture of the NBA Finals trophy.

It’s not an uncommon thing for players to hang up decorations in their locker as a motivating tool to remind themselves of a goal or expectation for the season ahead. Still, the fact that Beasley went to the trouble of putting those reminders there is a cool thought and also pretty indicative of the place that the Nuggets are in right now.

It’s no longer too optimistic or unlikely that the Nuggets will make the playoffs – now, it’s expected. And while the team is probably not ready to compete for a championship quite yet, the aspirations have to be there in the very early stages. Beasley clearly has the right idea by already looking towards that goal, and hopefully the rest of the team is on the same page. If they are, this team could rise to the next level sooner than we think.