The Denver Nuggets played one of their best games of the season on Thursday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, winning 127-124 in a thrilling and unbelievable fashion. The buzzer beater from Gary Harris to secure the win was the highlight of the night, but there are many more right behind it for fans to cling to. When it wasn't Harris crushing the soul of the Thunder, it was Jamal Murray breaking ankles and hitting threes. Murray was just as clutch as Harris, in my opinion, as he was the one that was keeping the Nuggets from losing the lead in the last minutes of the game when Paul George was unstoppable. The Nuggets young backcourt played one of, if not the, best game of their young careers together and it was a HUGE reason why the Nuggets came away with the win.

Many Nuggets players took to twitter after the game to celebrate, including Malik Beasley who sent out this gem:

The reason I love this tweet so much is because of the excitement that I feel when I think about the fact that we have so many young, potentially clutch players on our team. This team hasn't had a true "go-to" player since Carmelo Anthony was traded in 2011. Sure, Danilo Gallinari hit big-time shots while he was here, as have other players. However, Murray (and maybe Harris) has the potential to carry a Damian Lillard-like clutch gene that can bring this team to the next level.

On a night where the Nuggets were playing against Melo, it was pretty clear that the Nuggets have their next go-to guy in the clutch in either Murray or Harris. Or both.