You know that feeling when you learn something about someone close to you that you had no idea about previously? That happened this week when Malik Beasley found out that Wilson Chandler spent time playing in China.

Beasley responded to a video on Twitter that Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype sent out in which a series of facts about a mysterious NBA player is displayed across the scene and viewers have to guess which NBA player they apply to. Beasley apparently watched the video and knew after reading one of the facts that the mystery player was none other than Ill Will.

For even a die-hard Nuggets fans, the first four facts may not have given it away. However, most fans know Chandler is a vegan and that fact combined with the fact that he’s from Michigan was a big clue in figuring out that Chandler was the mystery player. Those of us that watched the Nuggets during the lockout season in 2011-2012 would probably also remember that Chandler went overseas to play in China before rejoining the Nuggets.

Personally speaking, I was interested and surprised to know that none of Chandler’s college teammates ever played a game in the NBA. What about you, Nuggets fans? Did any of the facts or details about Chandler surprise you, and if so, which one?