This might be the shortest Tweet of the Week yet. On Monday, Malik Beasley sent out the following tweet in which he expressed some displeasure with the responsibilities that come with being a first year player in the NBA.

He also sent out a snapchat around this time with a similar caption that showed a cup holder full of drinks, allowing us to assume that he was on beverage duty that morning. Although the emoticon included in this tweet would lead one to believe that Beasley is less than pleased with his assigned duty, I get the feeling that he is secretly just happy to be a rookie in the NBA. Sure, rookies are tasked with running errands for the other players and doing ridiculous things like wearing Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer backpacks (unless you’re Jusuf Nurkic), but this is a tradition that represents a player’s entrance into the big leagues. So what if he has to prove his worth by loading and unloading the team’s luggage or embarrassing himself by dancing in front of a crowd? Being a rookie means you’ve accomplished your dream. And the good thing about rookie duties is that the following year, this years’ rookies get to reap the benefits when it’s another group of unfortunate players to take on those less-than-ideal tasks.

So don’t let Beasley’s eye rolls fool you…he’s thrilled to be a rookie.