Wednesday night’s game between the Denver Nuggets and division rivals Utah Jazz was very physical, to say the least. In the first quarter, Mason Plumlee did not take kindly to Derrick Favors grabbing onto his arm while doing a swinging motion, and this prompted Plumlee to come face-to-face with him. A scuffle then broke out, and unfortunately, Nikola Jokic came off of the bench to get closer to the scene of the action. On Friday, it was announced that this would result in the Joker being suspended for the Nuggets’ game against the Phoenix Suns. While everybody has a different opinion on whether Jokic deserved the suspension or not, one Nuggets legend does not seem to have a problem with the star’s decision to leave the bench.

Lafayette “Fat” Lever seems to appreciate the act of standing by your teammate in heated moments in a game, even if it brings with it the risk of a suspension. Although Jokic had to pay for this decision, at least nobody will be able to say that he’s too afraid of confrontation to be there for his teammates in those moments. In fact, Jokic proved just how not afraid of confrontation he is that same game when he got in the face of Jae Crowder after Crowder made unwanted contact with Jokic.

Way to show your inner strength, Joker.