The Tweet of the Week is a weekly post in which one tweet from a Denver Nuggets player or staff member will be highlighted every Saturday. The tweet will be picked either for its humor, inspiration or simply for being a good representation of what’s going on with the Nuggets that week.

Kenneth Faried showed his excitement for the beginning of a new NBA season in a tweet he sent out on Wednesday morning prior to the Nuggets’ first game against the Houston Rockets. The tweet was actually an Instagram post, but Faried shared it on Twitter, qualifying it for the Tweet of the Week.

The Instagram photo does a great job of conveying Faried's level of excitement, as he is gripping a basketball, looking upwards and letting out an animal-like roar. The caption to the photo verbalizes this excitement, as the statement "IT STARTS NOW" preludes a series of hashtags, and anybody that follows Faried on social media knows that the Manimal loves his hashtags. Based on the caption, Faried wants to let Nuggets fans know that just because this is a new season, the goals remain the same. He also writes that he's living and loving life before ending the caption with his signature hashtag, #UNLEASHTHEMANIMAL.

I T S T A R T S N O W ! #NewSeasonSameGoals #LivingLife #LovingLife #UNLEASHTHEMANIMAL

A photo posted by Kenneth Faried (@kennethfaried35) on

The Manimal was certainly unleashed Wednesday night, as Faried finished the game with 18 points and 9 rebounds to help the Nuggets defeat the Rockets on the road. It’s great to see a player this psyched for the season, especially after a disappointing last two years for Nuggets fans. Here’s to hoping the Manimal stays unleashed throughout the majority of the 2015-16 season while accomplishing all of his goals.