Ty Lawson turned 30 this week, and Kenneth Faried took to Twitter to wish him a happy birthday. The Manimal also used the opportunity to reminisce on the Denver Nuggets record-breaking 57 wins in 2012-13.

It's possible that Faried looks back so fondly on that season considering he was such a huge contributor to a team that won that many games. In fact, he averaged a career-high in minutes that year, with 28.1. This is significant since he's averaging drastically less than that number this season, with only 9.9. Most recently, Faried had another DNP-CD against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's hard to blame him for missing a time in his career when he and the team were so successful and he got to play alongside a good friend in Lawson. 

Fast forward four years and a lot has changed on this team. In fact, only Faried and Wilson Chandler are remaining from that 2012-13 squad. While I'm sure Manimal wishes he was playing more minutes on this team, at least he is able to say that he was a part of the best season in Nuggets history…for now.