The Tweet of the Week is a weekly post in which one tweet from a Denver Nuggets player or staff member will be highlighted every Saturday. The tweet will be picked either for its humor, inspiration or simply for being a good representation of what’s going on with the Nuggets that week.

Kobe Bryant is having a tough season so far. That fact is obvious, especially after Bryant himself claimed he was the 200th-best player in the league, adding “I freaking suck” to top it off. He’s averaging a field goal percentage of 32.1% as he struggles to hit shots on a nightly basis. Despite this, Jusuf Nurkic wants everybody to know that Bryant’s legacy as one of the best basketball players to ever play the game is unharmed.

This tweet came two days after the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 120-109, and is undoubtedly a result of Nurkic considering Bryant one of his heroes. This is so much the case that during his first game against the Lakers, a preseason contest in 2014, he described the experience as overwhelming. He even said that in a big arena, all he saw was Kobe. That’s pretty intense.

You wouldn't think the Bosnian Beast gets that nervous going up against Bryant, especially considering performances he's had against him in the past. Check out this clip of a game last season where Nurkic has a great defensive possession going one-on-one with the Black Mamba.

You have to love that about Juka. Not afraid to trash talk his hero.

By the way, if he keeps sending out these awesome tweets, we may have to rename this weekly post "Words of Wisdom from Jusuf Nurkic."