The Denver Nuggets hosted their 11th annual Special Olympics Skills Clinic on Thursday, a great opportunity to spend time with athletes and engage them in skills workshops run by the players, coaches and staff. Over 150 Special Olympic athletes showed up to the event, and based on the various pictures that emerged from that day, it appeared that all of the participants had a blast and truly enjoyed the time they spent with the Nuggets. What always goes underestimated, however, is how much the players and coaches truly enjoy this event, too. A few pictures tweeted out by the Denver Nuggets’ Twitter account highlight one player in particular and how much he values the athletes.


Most Nuggets fans would probably remember that Jusuf Nurkic did this same thing last year, an act that went viral. It was, and still is, a truly heartwarming moment to see a player care so much about valuing these athletes and their hard work. Asking for an autograph is a humbling thing to do, and to do so means that you really appreciate someone and what they represent. Nurkic taking the time to go around and collect signatures shows that he really does respect each of them individually.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nurkic does this every year, and one thing I can tell you is it will never get old seeing the pictures.