The Denver Nuggets suffered a heartbreaking loss Monday night against the Brooklyn Nets, losing 105-104 after a game-winning three-pointer from Joe Johnson. And that wasn’t all Johnson did that night. He also made an incredible move against Jusuf Nurkic that resulted in the Bosnian Beast falling to the ground after getting crossed up.

Plays like this happen frequently in the NBA, but I'm sure it's never fun to be on the receiving end. When it does happen, though, the best way to respond is to laugh it off. That's exactly what Nurkic did, as he tweeted out this message after the game.

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Not only was Juka able to poke fun at himself, but he bounced back in a big way a couple nights later against the Detroit Pistons, scoring 16 points and notching 11 rebounds in his best performance so far this season. It’s good to know his confidence didn’t suffer too much from the play, but I think Nuggets Nation can agree that it’s much more fun to watch Nurkic humiliate opponents than the other way around.