Jusuf Nurkic sent out a thoughtful tweet early Friday morning, one that we should all take to heart. We are all guilty of falling victim to greed every so often, when we really should just be thankful for what we already have. Nurkic reminds us that rather than asking for more, we should appreciate what we already have, because it can always be worse.

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It seems that these days, all we have to do to have things put in perspective for us is go to the Bosnian Beast's twitter profile. This advice in particular would serve us all well if we remembered it daily. Of course we could always have more money, more possessions, and more happiness. But we could always have less, too. And isn't it better to focus on the positive, rather than the negative?

For example, of course the Nuggets could be better. But they could also be a lot worse. And the game last night, an overtime win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, was about as good as it gets. Also, this team is going to look a lot better once we get Juka out there on the court, too. Then we will have a lot more to be grateful for as Nuggets fans.