As every Nuggets fan knows by now, Juancho Hernangomez has been out for over a week with mononucleosis and will be out for at least a couple more. While that is most certainly not good news, it was interesting to see him live tweet during the Denver Nuggets game on Monday night when his team faced off against the New York Knicks on the road. One of his tweets was a reaction to the stellar performance of, unfortunately, an opposing player.

It's hard to blame him for tweeting out praise for an opposing player. Regardless of what team you were rooting for, it was quite the experience to see Kristaps Porzingis go off on Monday night, scoring a career-high 38 points. He dominated from beginning to end, hitting clutch shots that put the Knicks in a great position to win the game. I suppose it's only right Porzingis's career-high came against Nikola Jokic, a player that he is often compared to and that put up 40 points against him last season at Madison Square Garden.

While I wish Juancho was tweeting about Jokic at that point in the game, as that would most likely mean that he was the best player on the floor that night, it was still interesting to see a player of your favorite team tweet about the game as it's happening. Let's just hope the next time Porzingis and Jokic match up, the Joker comes out on top over the Unicorn.