As a fan, when your favorite team enters the offseason, there’s always a feeling of sadness when you realize you will not see your team play a game for at least five months. As a player, not only does the end of the season mean that they have to say goodbye to the competitiveness that every night in the NBA brings, but they are also forced to say goodbye to their teammates and other friends in the organization that they have become accustomed to seeing every day for eight months.

It’s no secret by now that the Denver Nuggets are an extremely tight-knit group and that there’s a multitude of friendships on the team that extend beyond the game of basketball. On Wednesday, Tyler Lydon proved this with a tweet he sent out directed to Juancho Hernangomez.

Juancho, in typical Juancho fashion, responded with a group of photos showing the two of them together. The tweet was accompanied by a couple of sad emoticon faces to bring home the point that Lydon’s feelings are reciprocated.

Hopefully these two can be reunited at some point this offseason so they can continue to nurture this friendship.