When the Denver Nuggets drafted Jamal Murray with the 7th pick in the NBA draft, there was some uncertainty about what kind of player he would be for the team. Would he be a point guard? A shooting guard? Something in between? One thing everybody knew, though, was that he could score and shoot. Murray has definitely shown flashes of this already in the preseason. Still, fans are wondering what his career trajectory is. On Tuesday, he gave us an idea when he tweeted out an image of himself competing against two-time NBA all-star and NBA champion, Klay Thompson.

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This tweet gave us an insight into what kind of player Murray hopes to be. By labeling Thompson as one of his idols, it's pretty safe to assume that Murray hopes to one day be able to match his accomplishments and possibly even rise above them. It's not hard to imagine. Thompson has become one of, if not the, best shooter in the world throughout the course of his career. He's been a tremendous asset for a team that has dominated the league for the last couple of years. And now hopefully, the Nuggets have a version of this. During their matchup last Friday, Murray held his own, scoring 16 points, notching 7 assists and bringing down 5 rebounds. Thompson, by comparison, scored 17 points, had 3 assists and 6 rebounds. Based on those numbers, you definitely would not be able to tell who was the rookie and who was the veteran all-star. Obviously, Murray has a long way to go to matching the consistency of Thompson, and Murray has given us plenty of indication that he desires to be a point-guard eventually. Regardless, Nuggets fans should be excited to learn that he aims to match Thompson's skill level to some degree. Let's hope he can.