One of Jamal Murray's strengths on the basketball court is his persistency. Even if he's having an off night from the field and his shot isn't falling, he still works relentlessly to have an impact on the game. This apparently proves true in all aspects of his life.

On Tuesday, Murray tweeted a video someone captured that shows him being denied a high-five by Wilson Chandler, who seemingly did not see the initiation by Murray. Murray then follows Chandler until Chandler can follow through with the handshake.

Murray's reaction to the video prompts an amusing response from Chandler.

I think we've all been in a similar situation, when someone isn't picking up what you're throwing down. You could probably make a parallel with how Murray handled that situation and how he handles everything in his life – if something doesn't go his way, he simply goes after it until he gets what he wants.

Lesson learned: Don't let yourself be ignored!