This week, Denver Nuggets fans celebrated the six-year anniversary of their MVP’s NBA debut. NIkola Jokic played in his first game as a Nugget on October 28, 2015 against the Houston Rockets. In that game, he only played four minutes but scored on his only field-goal attempt. It’s amazing to think about how far Jokic and the team have come in six years and all the accomplishments we’ve already witnessed for a player that is still as young as the Joker.

On Thursday night, sent out a tweet about the anniversary of Jokic’s debut and included a video of some of his most impressive passes in his career so far. Although we see him play every night and social media acts as a never-ending Jokic highlight reel for Nuggets fans to enjoy, it’s still cool to see a compilation showcasing his unbelievable talent. Jamal Murray must have taken the time to watch the video, because he made this comment in a retweet of the post:

As Nuggets fans, we should all feel extremely lucky that we are subjected to plays like those on a nightly basis. They will never stop being entertaining and impressive, no matter how often we see them. Here’s to many more years of Jokic’s career and many more exciting highlights.