Denver Nuggets fans should be used to their team and players not getting their fair share of respect. However, sometimes there’s a take that’s so bad, and so unbelievable, that it’s hard to know just how to react. An example of that occurred this week, when Nick Wright of Fox Sports unleashed his controversial opinion via his program “First Things First” on who deserves this year’s MVP award. Wright not only stated his opinion that Chris Paul, not Nikola Jokic, deserves the MVP, which would have been questionable enough, but he also made the bold statement that Jokic would be the worst MVP the league has seen in 35 years.

Obviously, those in the media industry know how valuable it is to create “clickbait” content. Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes media members will try far too much about accomplishing that goal, and end up compromising their credibility in the process.

Jamal Murray heard the noise surrounding Wright’s ludicrous take, and decided that he simply could not stay silent. He sent out this tweet to let everybody know what he thought of Wright’s statement.

After he got a lot of criticism for his opinions, Wright took to social media to justify his words, explaining that centering a segment around Chris Paul is going to be garner more interest than doing so around Jokic and the Nuggets. Is this a good excuse for disrespecting Jokic? Murray does not think so.

Since Jokic does not have social media and, even if he did, does not seem like the type of player who would pay much attention to that type of criticism, it’s a good thing he has a teammate in Murray who will vehemently come to his defense when he sees him being talked about unfairly. The Blue Arrow is not able to be on the court with the Nuggets for the rest of the season, but he’s still exercising his great leadership skills.