It’s now been over a week since the NBA went on hiatus following the news that one of their own players, Rudy Gobert, was infected with COVID-19. It’s certainly a weird time to be an NBA fan, but I’m sure we can all agree that it must be way weirder to be an NBA player. To become a professional athlete obviously takes a ton of talent, but it also takes an insane amount of dedication and commitment. And something that most of them probably aren’t trained for is what to do when the season comes to a screeching halt due to a global pandemic.

Well, Jamal Murray has decided to spend his time practicing some of his other talents. The NBA sent out a clip of the point guard playing some well-known tunes on the piano, including the Harry Potter theme song.

While this is indeed a very strange time for all of us, it is interesting to see how players choose to spend their time inside and in quarantine, as all of us should be doing right now. Hopefully the NBA will continue to release more of this content for us to enjoy as the days progress.