The Denver Nuggets were in desperate need of a bounce-back win on Friday night after dropping two very winnable games against the Boston Celtics and the Washington Wizards. Cue the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only did the Nuggets get the win they were needing, but Jamal Murray also secured a regular-season career high of 50 points on one of the most efficient nights you’ll ever see from a player with that many field goal attempts.

Immediately after the game, Murray’s teammates took to Twitter to react to the amazing performance by the Blue Arrow.

The efficiency is by far the most impressive part of Jamal’s night against the Cavs. He scored all of those points without even taking a free throw. He was making a variety of shots all night long, and nobody on the Cavs could do anything about it.

Monte Morris also got in on the action, and Murray responded.

I think we can all agree that there is nobody more explosive or entertaining to watch than Jamal Murray when he gets hot. Hopefully the reincarnation of Bubble Murray is now in full effect.