By now, I’m sure every NBA fan knows that the season has been suspended for the foreseeable future as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak that has been rightfully taking over the discussion this week. With the pandemic spreading far and fast, the NBA announced on Wednesday night that one of their players, Rudy Gobert, had tested positive for COVID-19. This immediately brought about the suspension of the league in order to prevent further spread of the virus that is affecting people all over the globe and threatening lives. Many other leagues and sporting events since then have followed suit, and now it seems as though the whole world is on pause while the experts and administrators try to get a handle on the dire situation.

Many of the Nuggets took to social media to react to the news. Jamal Murray, for example, wanted to wish Gobert well after learning that he tested positive for the virus. (Donovan Mitchell later tested positive as well)

Mason Plumlee wanted to share with his fans some tips and instructions for limiting spread of the virus and increasing your chance at staying healthy.

Lastly, Jamal Murray sent out two tweets in reaction to the recent events, one in which he pleads with his followers to take the illness seriously and to watch over their loved ones, and another in which he seems to be commenting on the sadness he feels now that the NBA is on hiatus.

While the NBA being put on pause is a major bummer, the number one concern globally right now should be figuring out the pandemic that is taking lives and has the potential to do much more damage than it has already.

After that happens and the threat is reduced, hopefully the season can resume and we can continue rooting on our favorite team.