Blunders happen everyday, and sports is certainly no exception. On Wednesday night against the Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets point guard Jamal Murray made a blunder that resulted in two points for the opposing team. While going for a loose ball near the Magic basket, he inadvertently swatted the ball in the hoop. This is certainly not the first time an NBA player has accidentally scored for the opposing team, but Murray joked on twitter that he was going to vote for his own blunder as his favorite “Shaqtin’ a Fool” moment.

Moments later, however, Murray rescinded his statement after coming to the realization that Karl Anthony Towns’ blunder in which he airballed a finger roll at the rim may actually be more worthy of the honor.

It’s always an endearing trait when a player can laugh at himself, and Murray definitely showed an ability to do so this week. It’s a good thing for the Nuggets and for Murray that we did not end up losing by two points, instead securing a 113-104 win.