On Thursday, the Denver Nuggets took on the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 3 of their first round series. Because Games 3 and 4 are in Portland, and because the training staff preferred for Jamal Murray to continue his rehab in Denver rather than travel with the team to Portland, Murray seems to be feeling some of the frustration that Nuggets fans have been feeling for two years due to the dispute between Altitude Sports and Comcast/DISH. This dispute has been ongoing since before the 2019-2020 NBA season, and it feels like forever ago that all fans, regardless of their cable provider, were able to turn to Altitude Sports and catch a Nuggets or Avs game on TV whenever they wanted to.

Now that Murray is back in Denver and is not traveling with the team, he was forced to watch Game 3 on TV like the rest of Nuggets fans. While it is unknown what cable provider he has and if he could watch on TV in his home, I’m sure regardless he is aware of the outrage from fans that could not watch game 3 on cable due to the game being blacked out on NBA TV for local residents. Murray sent this tweet, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of Nuggets fans about this situation.

It’s one thing to have to stream most every regular season game for two seasons in a row, but it’s another thing entirely to have to stream a playoff game when your team has the likely MVP on it. With there being no signs that a resolution is imminent, players like Murray drawing attention to the issue can only help. Hopefully all sides can come to an agreement soon so that Nuggets fans can get back to watching the games the way they were meant to be watched.