An unfortunate theme to this season so far for the Denver Nuggets has been the team’s propensity to play down to their competition. They hold a 28-10 record against sub .500 teams, which doesn’t sound all that bad except for the fact that they have been able to win the most unlikely of games against the elite teams in the league and theoretically should be taking care of all the inferior teams they play against. Winning these games will prove vital in order to achieve the best possible playoff seeding come April.
Tuesday night was another one of those losses, as the Nuggets fell to the team with the worst record in the entire league, the Golden State Warriors. Despite the fact that the 116-100 defeat brought about lackluster performances across the entire team, Jamal Murray decided to showcase how his leadership has improved this season by taking responsibility for the loss. He sent out this tweet after the game:

Monte Morris then decided to reply to his teammate’s post, showcasing leadership skills of his own.

The Nuggets still remain an extremely young team, so it’s encouraging to see multiple players so willing to accept blame for tough losses. It’s also encouraging to see Murray back up his statement with a great performance against the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday night, a team with a 21-41 record. Murray hit the game winner in that match to help his team defeat the Hornets, 114-112. Hopefully this is a sign that the team will be taking games against inferior teams more seriously from this point forward.