Not many of us can relate to playing an NBA season with a hernia. I cannot imaging how painful and uncomfortable that must have been for Jamal Murray when he did it last season. The one positive I'm sure he can take away from the experience is that it makes him appreciate being healthy all the more. On Tuesday, he tweeted a response to a video that the Denver Nuggets posted on their Twitter, showing him slam a putback dunk over Will Barton in practice.

The dunk is just one of many plays that Murray has made this season to show us that he truly is in a much healthier place than last year. Although he has not had the hot start to the season that many fans may have expected, you can tell that he is moving more freely on the court and is not as restricted. Once he starts hitting shots on a more consistent basis and using his energy to take his aggression on the offensive end up a notch, it's pretty fun to think what kind of player he will be.

Let's hope Murray stays healthy for the duration of the season so we can find out.