On Wednesday night, the Denver Nuggets took on the Dallas Mavericks on national television, as the game was broadcasted by ESPN. During the game, broadcaster Mark Jones mentioned an interesting tidbit about Jamal Murray’s childhood that I’m sure most Nuggets fans know by now.

The story highlights how Murray’s dad would make him shoot 20 consecutive free throws in the winter (which in Canada is very cold) and if he missed one, he would have to do 10 push-ups and start all over. Listen to the clip below:

Jamal Murray then tweeted out appreciation for this strict routine.

Murray’s success in getting to the NBA and achieving a starting role as a point guard for the Nuggets is proof that discipline in your youth goes a long way in sports accomplishments. It also speaks volumes about Murray’s character that he looks back on those times and attributes them to his success, rather than harboring any resentment towards his father.

The fact that Murray is now ranked third in the league in free throw percentage also helps his dad’s case in justifying the routine.