With the exception of a fourth quarter explosion in Game 2 against the San Antonio Spurs, Jamal Murray hasn’t had the best showing in the postseason for the Denver Nuggets so far. Off the court, however, Murray has displayed a lot of confidence and a keen ability to one-up his critics. On Tuesday night, Murray wore an NBA Jam T-shirt with his face on it to the podium to talk about the Nuggets win against the Spurs. While the shirt is a tribute to a legendary video game, and it must be pretty cool for Murray to see him and his teammate as NBA Jam characters, this wardrobe choice struck a chord with Charles Barkley. On Inside the NBA, he clowned Murray for wearing a shirt with his own face on it, calling that a “foul” and something no great player should ever do.

How did Murray respond to this criticism? With pure savageness.

Before Game 3 on Thursday night, Murray opted to choose a shirt with Barkley’s face on it this time. Barkley and the whole Inside the NBA crew got a kick out of this decision by Murray, and it even resulted in Barkley guaranteeing that the Nuggets would win their upcoming game. When the Nuggets lost to the Spurs, 118-108, this resulted in even more laughs in the studio.

Now, the Nuggets need Murray to respond to criticism about his play on the court with the same amount of confidence. If his wardrobe choice Thursday night is any indication, Murray will take it all in stride and (hopefully) have the last laugh.