It’s pretty rare for a player to be as honest as Isaiah Thoams is on social media. On Thursday night after Rajon Rondo hit his first career buzzer beater to give the Los Angeles Lakers the win over the Boston Celtics, Thomas got real about his relationship with Rondo. The past beef between Thomas and Rondo has been well documented. First, there was the whole debate about whether Thomas deserved a tribute video from the Celtics after making his return to Boston on a different team. Despite the fact that Thomas had an MVP-caliber season with the Celtics and led that team to the conference finals in 2017, Rondo felt as though that did not deserve a tribute. Then, there was the scuffle they were involved in last season during a game that led to trash talking, followed by both players being ejected.

Despite all of this history, Thomas took to Twitter to congratulate Rondo on his game winner against the team that Rondo won a championship with in 2008. He acknowledges that although they have not always seen eye-to-eye, they have since moved past their differences and that their relationship is in a better place.

Props to IT for not only being real on social media and allowing fans to get a look into his and Rondo’s relationship, but also props to him for not holding any grudges. That seems to be a pretty rare thing in professional sports nowadays.

What’s another NBA beef that may be squashed if both players simply took the time to talk it out? Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook? Jusuf Nurkic and Russell Westbrook? Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant?