In September, it was officially announced that the sequel to the 1996 hit movie Space Jam would officially begin production in the summer of 2019. Other than LeBron James starring in it, not much is known about the highly anticipated film. The announcement therefore led to much speculation about who will be James’ co-stars. There’s been talk of Michael Jordan making a return appearance and Blake Griffin has also long been talked about in connection with the project. One Denver Nugget has started his campaign to be picked to make an appearance, and it’s probably the player on the team most likely to be picked.

I can definitely see some good storylines coming out of a role for Isaiah Thomas, whether it’s just a cameo or a larger part. He flat out dominated the league a couple years ago with the Boston Celtics and he’s managed to shock opponents and fans all across the league with how effective he is despite standing only 5’9 tall. I’m officially on board for this and am now sincerely hoping Thomas gets his wish, as it would be pretty cool to see the Nuggets represented in the film (assuming he’s still on the team).