Isaiah Thomas has yet to suit up for the Denver Nuggets, but many players and coaches have talked about the importance of having him on the team due to his personality and veteran presence. Since he’s been relegated to the bench while he recovers from hip surgery, Thomas has made sure his impact is felt in other places. Malik Beasley, specifically, has talked about his mentorship and the effects it has had on him. However, while his teammates and coaches certainly know the impact Thomas is having on the team, fans may have a more “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. In fact, one fan on Twitter asked Thomas if he was still in the league.

While Thomas is obviously still playing, his answer is not technically a lie. He’s helping to develop the younger players on this team, since he was unable to do much else for an extended period of time. Thomas has stated before that he wants a role in a front office after he retires, so it’s good to know that he’s putting his coaching skills to use now in case he does not fill that role later in life.