Isaiah Thomas hasn’t been a Denver Nugget very long, but it’s evident that his teammates are already taking to him quite nicely. Not only does he electrify the locker room with his boisterous and fun personality, in addition to taking it upon himself to mentor the young players on the team, but he’s also started handing out gifts to the whole squad.

To see the video of Thomas opening up his Bumpboxx, check out the video the team posted to their social media:

I bet the environment in practices and in the locker room will never be lacking in the audio department from now on. Those seem to be the perfect gift for a young team, especially one that tends to be more on the quiet side sometimes. This isn’t just the perfect gift for the Nuggets though, it looks like a player from another team got word of this giveaway and he wants in.

Sorry, Zach. Those are for #NuggetsNation only.