Isaiah Thomas has already had a very successful career in his seven years in the NBA. He boasts career averages of 18.9 points and 5.1 assists and his career includes a season in which he finished fifth in MVP voting in 2017 with the Boston Celtics. However, Thomas made it clear via Twitter this week that even when his career is over years from now, he still has plenty more to offer to the league.

There’s plenty to love about this tweet. The first thing I noticed was that Thomas expects to play 10 more years in this league. At first, I was taken aback by this because for some reason, despite the fact that Thomas is only 29 years old, it feels as though he’s been in the league way longer than seven years. However, Thomas finishing out his career at 39 years old is actually entirely within the realm of possibility and NBA fans should be psyched at the idea that we get 10 more years of Thomas on the court.

Second, I was excited that Thomas has goals to move into the front office once his career does come to an end. I can definitely see him in that role, considering that it’s well known how passionate he is for the game of basketball and how knowledgable he is as well.

Third, I loved the last part of this tweet. Thomas points out that there is not enough former players in the General Manager role for NBA teams. Based on some quick research I just did, there appears to be only 9 GMs that once played in the NBA (and two are only interim GMs at the moment). Most recently, former player Elton Brand was named General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers this season.

The last thought I had about this tweet was that if and when Thomas does become a GM of an NBA team someday, it would be pretty cool if he held that position for the Denver Nuggets. Thomas certainly knows the ins-and-outs of the league by now and he also has such a large personality that he would certainly make things fun and interesting for everybody that works under him.

We will see in 10+ years if this dream comes to fruition for Thomas.