One of the best things about our favorite athletes being on social media is getting to witness the joyful banter back and forth in which many of them participate. This week, Denver Nuggets’ Isaiah Thomas received a witty comment in response to his tweet in which he proclaims that he cannot wait to getting back to doing what he loves. While most that read the tweet automatically knew he was talking about basketball, one of Thomas’ former teammates jokingly suggested that it was another, much different, physical activity that Thomas may have been referring to.

Thomas did not let Cleveland Cavaliers’ forward Channing Frye get the last laugh. He responded to Frye by highlighting one of his on-court bloopers this week that garnered a lot of attention around social media. First, take a look at the play:

And, now take a look at Thomas’ response:

This was a perfect example of good-natured banter that fans enjoy so much. But in all seriousness, I think Nuggets fans cannot wait until Thomas gets back to playing basketball either.