Thankfully, the Denver Nuggets game against the New Orleans Pelicans was on national TV on Thursday night, as the game was broadcasted by TNT. A major reason why fans should be thankful, of course, is because if it was not on national TV, than it would not have been on TV at all. Another reason why fans should be thankful, though, is that we got to experience our favorite team on the big stage. This also means that fans got to witness, once again, Charles Barkley rave about the Nuggets and his high hopes for them (although Kenny Smith does not seem to hold the same optimism).

Also, fans were able to see what the twitter account for “NBA on TNT” put out there during the game. Although the game itself was disappointing, as the team was defeated 107-122, there were some highlights mixed in. Perhaps the best one was very early in the game, when Gary Harris showed aggression in getting to the rim and finishing strong with a dunk over Jahlil Okafor.

Not only was the highlight great to watch, but the caption was perfect, as it not only rhymed, but it fit in with the Halloween theme.

The Nuggets have fallen into a bit of a slump over the last two games, but hopefully they can show us more plays like these to get everybody excited again.