I love videos like these. On Tuesday, Jamal Murray retweeted a video that SLAM Online and Rec League Legends created that shows Gary Harris and Jamal Murray talking about their ability to take on any backcourt in the NBA. Not only is it great to see the two talking about how they stand in the ranks of the backcourt duos, but I particularly enjoyed the video because it allowed us to see snippets of them going one-on-one in the gym and enjoying time at Red Rocks.

The video is enjoyable from start to finish, as it opens on a beautiful view of the mountains and the Mile High City until fading in to show the back of Harris and Murray as they look out at the view from Red Rocks. It also cuts to Murray and Harris in the gym going head-to-head while they talk about the other’s mentality and approach to the game and how they differ from one another. But my absolute favorite part of the video is when the camera shows Nikola Jokic eating popcorn while watching Harris and Murray show off on the court.

For anybody that has not seen the video, check it out below.

It’s really cool – and about time – that Harris and Murray are getting the national recognition they deserve. Everybody knows how dominant duos such as Bradley Beal and John Wall and Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum are. However, neither Harris nor Murray has reached their prime so nobody knows the ceiling that those two have and how they will ultimately compare to the other duos in the league. If we’re lucky, those two will have plenty of years to reveal the answer.