Father’s Day 2020 has come and passed, but not without a few touching social media posts from some of the Denver Nuggets. Many of them wanted to share with their followers what Father’s Day means to them this year.

Paul Millsap is not only a veteran player on the Nuggets, but also a veteran father of the squad. On Sunday, he took the time to share how being a dad to his three daughters and son has made him a better person. Millsap beautifully captured what being a father is all about in this post.

Jamal Murray posted a tribute to his father on Instagram. For those that may not know, Murray’s dad played an instrumental role in nurturing his son to become a dedicated basketball player.

Lastly, the newest Nugget tweeted out a tribute to his dad on Sunday, while also taking the time to share his appreciation for the opportunity to be a dad to his daughter.

Whether it was posting a special tribute to their father, or sharing a sentiment about what it means to be a father themselves, it’s clear that many players felt compelled to celebrate Father’s Day this year.