If you follow Facundo Campazzo on Twitter, you may have come across a very funny video clip from three years ago on your timeline this week. Campazzo’s former teammate on the Real Madrid basketball team, Edy Tavares, reposted a video that was originally taken back on May 20, 2018 after their team won the Euroleague Championship. The video clip shows Campazzo sitting on top of the basketball hoop, and it appears that he was stuck and unsure as to how to go about getting down. This is understandable, considering he is only 5’10 and was 10 feet high. Ultimately, he relied on Tavares, who is 7’3, to hold onto his feet while he used the rim to lower himself down. The whole thing is extremely amusing, and Campazzo’s response to the resurfaced clip makes it even better.

Translated to English, Campazzo said something along the lines of “I was high, friend.” The first thought I had while watching that clip is “How the heck did he get up there in the first place?” It’s nice to see a clip of Facu from before his transition to the NBA, as it gives us a small glimpse into the life that he lead overseas. The fearlessness that most likely lead him to get into that situation has definitely been displayed on the basketball court for the Denver Nuggets, and that’s something that I think we can all appreciate.