On Friday, Denver Nuggets backup point guard Facundo Campazzo was named MVP of the decade of the Spanish ACB league. This recognition, which came after Campazzo earned the most fan votes, honors his accomplishments during his six full seasons with the league from 2014-2020. During this time, he won the championship title three times. Campazzo reacted to the news with this tweet below:

After inserting Facu’s tweet into the Google translator, it appears as though Campazzo is truly grateful for the honor and wanted to address his fans directly on social media. Campazzo also made a point of acknowledging his former teammate, Sergio Llull, who finished second in voting.

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Facu’s accomplishments for the ACB league cannot be understated. Although he is a 29-year-old unproven rookie in the NBA, there are few more seasoned players than him overseas. Although his stats so far on the Nuggets have been underwhelming (3.6 points, 1.4 assists), he has definitely shown flashes of the player he was overseas. On January 3rd, he helped the Nuggets to a win against the Minnesota Timberwolves by scoring 15 points on 5/7 shooting from the three-point line. He’s also continued to show the flair with passing that has made him a fan favorite throughout his career.
Hopefully as the season progresses, Campazzo continues to feel more and more comfortable in his role on the Nuggets.