Facundo Campazzo, the Denver Nuggets’ offseason acquisition from Argentina, has made quite the impression so far this preseason. Between going after every available steal and being an overall pest on defense, and throwing unbelievable passes that spice up the offense of the bench unit, it’s clear that he’s going to make a big mark on the team this season.

Following the team’s first preseason game against the Golden State Warriors last Saturday, Jamal Murray took to Twitter in order to introduce us to the team’s nickname for the backup point guard.

Of course, the nickname is mostly a credit to Campazzo’s passing ability, as he is known to whip the ball to teammates with insane accuracy and flair. In fact, one example of this skill came in the Nuggets’ second preseason game against the Portland Trail Blazers. After Campazzo picked the pocket of Enes Kanter, he looked ahead to find Vlatko Cancar on the break. He then executed one of the most beautiful backspin passes you’ll ever see, arriving to Cancar just in time for him to lay it in the basket ahead of the defenders.

Of course, there’s no question at this point that Campazzo is worthy of the Spider-Man nickname. Of course, one player from the Utah Jazz who goes by the name of “Spida” expressed some concern with a tweet of his own after hearing about Facu’s nickname.

It doesn’t look like Facu is showing any signs of slowing down, so Donovan Mitchell will have to come to terms that there’s another Spider-Man this season.