As I'm sure every Nuggets fan knows by now, the Denver Nuggets traded Emmanuel Mudiay on Thursday and obtained a veteran point guard in Devin Harris. Whatever your feelings were about Mudiay, I think we should all appreciate his professionalism during his career in Denver despite being in and out of the rotation and never quite meeting the expectations that were placed on him in the very early stages. Another example of this professionalism came following the trade when Mudiay bid Denver farewell in this heartfelt post on his social media:

I think it's the ultimate sign of class for a player to pay tribute to a team that just traded him, especially when that player's experience on the team was a roller coaster to say the least. One of the reasons so many fans were impressed with Mudiay at the beginning was because of how he presented himself off the court. That hasn't changed despite everything that has happened the last few years. You could always count on Mudiay to show excitement on the sidelines for his teammates and he seemed to fit right in with the culture of the team. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I hope he finds all the success in the world in New York.

The feeling is mutual, Emmanuel.