The story around the NBA Friday night was centered around the Phoenix Suns and their young shooting guard, Devin Booker. The Suns lost to the Boston Celtics 130-120, but that fact will most likely not be remembered years from now. What will be remembered is Booker doing what no other Suns player has ever done before – scoring 70 points in a game. I repeat, 70 POINTS…and he’s only 20 years old! Besides setting a franchise record for most points in a single game for the Suns and becoming only the sixth player in NBA history to score more than 70 points in a game, Booker also earned the admiration and appreciation from various players around the league, including the Nuggets.

It looks like Emmanuel Mudiay is trying to figure out the key to Booker’s inhuman performance and who can blame him? It’s hard to grasp any player scoring that many points in a game, and the fact that he’s still so young and in the very easy stages of his career is what’s so impressive.

To supplement the Tweet of the Week, here’s another Twitter post from Wilson Chandler officially declaring himself a fan of Booker.

Yes, the Suns lost and yes, the team hasn’t had much to cheer about in recent years. But that might just change in the very near future because if it wasn’t clear already, it is by now: the Suns have a star in Devin Booker.