Any die-hard fan of the Denver Nuggets knows the name Jim Gillen. Gillen retired as the athletic trainer for the Nuggets in 2014, and it was clear in the 23 years that he spent with the team that he was quite popular with the players. In fact, it seemed that one of the most special relationships on the squad was the one between Gillen and Danilo Gallinari. Gallinari would often post pictures of the man that he and others thought resembed the Lorax because of his famous mustache.

This week, Gallinari tweeted out an Instagram post of a picture of him and Gillen, and it was full of nostalgia.

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I think the best part of this picture is that Gillen appears very serious, while Gallo is smiling from ear to ear. I definitely miss seeing Gillen on the bench during Nuggets games, but this picture almost makes up for it. It's good to know that just because he's no longer employed by the Nuggets, we still get to see him on social media. Thanks for that, Gallo.