One of my favorite things about media as it relates to sports is getting to peak behind the scenes as an important moment unfolds for your favorite team. Last Saturday, as the Denver Nuggets won Game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs to advance to the second round of the playoffs, the Nuggets’ team twitter account tweeted out a short clip of Michael Malone addressing his squad in the locker room following the impressive win.

Everything about what Coach Malone said should pump fans up even more than they already are about this young team. To win a Game 7 against one of the most poised teams in the league, with one of the best coaches the league has ever seen, is an incredible accomplishment. The entire team should be immensely proud of the way they have constantly battled back this season after heartbreaking losses or discouraging performances. They did so on Saturday on the biggest stage most of the players have seen, and it was a real treat to watch.

Let’s hope we get additional glimpses into the locker room following more postseason wins!