If you were watching the Denver Nuggets game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Thursday night, you might have noticed a familiar face on the sidelines. Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Chris Paul was sitting courtside at the Pepsi Center with his son, no doubt to support his friend and former teammate Carmelo Anthony in order to witness his first game back in Denver since being absent from the league for a year. Paul and the Thunder are set to take on the Nuggets in Denver on Saturday, so it proved to be a convenient time for him to a) support an old friend and b) scout his next opponent.

Thursday night’s game was nationally televised by TNT, and the NBA on TNT Twitter account tweeted this clip of Paul with his son:

This clip has to bring a smile to the face of anyone that watches it. During the clip, Paul’s son imitated Melo’s three-point celebration, the three fingers to the temple motion that he does often. It was a pretty amusing sight to behold.

Although Paul is an upcoming opponent, I think we can all acknowledge that it shows a lot of class to show up for his friend in such a big way. Regardless, here’s to hoping that Paul gets to witness two straight Nuggets wins in the Pepsi Center this week.