Nikola Jokic has made quite the case for himself this week for why he should be named MVP at the end of the season. The Denver Nuggets just completed one of the toughest stretches that a team can endure in the regular season, having to play four games in five nights. Jokic was absolutely stellar in this stretch, helping the Nuggets to win all but the last game against the Golden State Warriors. Jokic averaged 34.8 points, 14.3 rebounds, and 10 assists in those four games.

The most impressive performance from Jokic came on March 6th against the New Orleans Pelicans. He scored 46 points, had 11 rebounds and dished 12 assists in an overtime victory. If someone wanted to know what an MVP looked like in action, this game would be the perfect example.

All season long, Jokic’s teammates have been very vocal about his value to the team and his top ranking amongst the best players in the league. There has not been a more vocal teammate on social media than Bones Hyland. Following the game on Sunday night, Hyland took to Twitter to share his immediate thoughts after one of the best performances by a Denver Nugget that you’ll ever see.

It’s so fun to see players’ reactions after an incredible performance by Jokic. Hyland hasn’t even been in the league a full season but seems to have perfected the art of supporting his teammates. If the Nuggets can achieve some success this postseason, hopefully we’ll have plenty more tweets like this to smile about this season.