The Denver Nuggets’ matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night proved to be one of the best games of the season, for multiple reasons. Not only did Nikola Jokic win the battle of the MVPs by coming away with the win against Joel Embiid while putting together an impressive stat line, but Bones Hyland also had a fantastic homecoming performance in front of hundreds of his family and friends from Delaware.

As most fans know, Hyland endured a very traumatic experience while in high school after his house caught fire. The incident led to the tragic and heartbreaking death of Hyland’s 11-month-old cousin and grandmother. Hyland was forced to jump out of his second-floor bedroom, resulting in a torn patellar tendon to his right knee. On Monday night, many of the Delaware firefighters and first responders from that fire were at the game in order to support Hyland. To say that they witnessed a show would be an understatement. Hyland scored 21 points on 7/14 shooting from the field and hit multiple key threes to help the Nuggets pull away in the fourth quarter.

Following the game, Bones took to Twitter to share how impactful that experience from high school has been in his life and in his career.

The gratitude that Bones feels for being able to play basketball despite the injury and tragedy makes him perhaps the easiest player in Denver Nuggets history to root for. That sentiment is not only held by fans, but it appears that it extends to his teammates as well. Monte Morris also took to social media after the game in order to praise the rookie.

Bones, as he is with everything in life, was appreciate of Monte’s support. Seeing a player with so much joy and energy despite the tough hand that he has been dealt is truly inspiring to watch. Hopefully he finds all the success in the world as a Nugget and we can continue rooting for him for years to come.