29 years after either of them have put on a Denver Nuggets jersey, Alex English and Lafayette “Fat” Lever are still fans of the team. This won’t come as a surprise for anybody that follows either of their social media accounts, but both have been very vocal on Twitter about their support for our hometown team. English, who played with the Nuggets from 1980 to 1990 and is currently the leading scorer for the franchise, sent out some advice to the Portland Trail Blazers as they were getting blown out in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semi-finals by the Nuggets.

This is all great advice, and it seemed that the Blazers were able to do both of these things the following game to help them bounce back and force a Game 7 in the series. However, while English wanted to share his thoughts on what was making the Nuggets successful in the game, another former Nuggets legend thought it wise if he not say anything at all.

Getting to witness the back-and-forth banter of two players that were so pivotal to their organization is a treat for any sports fan. When this banter is centered around the current team, it’s that much better.

Although both players played for other teams in their time in the NBA, it’s obvious that both consider Denver home (interestingly enough, Lever played for the Blazers as well, from 1982-1984). It’s nice to see the team have support from those two legends, and hopefully English and Lever get to root on the Nuggets in the Conference Finals shortly for the first time in 10 years.